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What is Meant By Society

Influence of Media


If we were in a water life kingdom, society is our ocean. A beautiful ocean filled with sharks, whales, swordfishes, goldfishes, sea weeds, and many other marine mammals. The modern society as of now is defined according to a person’s financial status. If you are rich, you can go to many places but if you are a below average minimum earner well your places are limited. History repeats itself. It is like the ancient times where in Kings and Queens reign yet slaves belong to somewhere else. People will look you down if your work is something unusual or unacceptable. Like a garbage man, collecting garbage around the community is a very decent job. If these people do not exist, a lot of people would suffer different diseases from air pollution. These heroes must be praised more and should not be judged directly.



Looks can be deceiving but people sometimes judge you on how you look, dress and what you wear. First impression lasts temporarily but when you get to know the person far from the way he looks, your perception will change. Action speaks louder than looks. Tattoo is considered an art. A creative form of expression. Long ago, tattoos served as part of culture for tribal people until now and passed from generation to another one. If you are riding inside a public transportation and your tattoos seem to cover up the entire skin of your body, people will label you differently. They will think that you came out of prison or that you are a gang member. Having a tattoo is a way of self-expression where only minority can understand. A person is most likely to voice out a message through his tattoo because there is a significant meaning to it. There are a lot of people who have tattoos yet they are professionals and have decent jobs.

Media somehow dictates what you should wear. For instance, if you spend around 4-6 hours staring at your television, the tendency is that you will see different commercials of your favorite celebrity wearing different dresses. You will eventually follow it because it has becoming a trend and you do not want to be left behind. If the people around you know that you are earning less yet dresses like an actress, society will immediately judge you as a social climber or trying hard to be someone. Sad to say, it is a common thing to deal with every day which is very unfortunate. People must understand that fashion is also a form of self-expression just like having a tattoo. Fashion is part of an individual’s lifestyle and identity. Sometimes women love to dress up in a not so conservative type of outfit because they love wearing it and not because they are strippers during night. If only society will judge you by action, the world would be a better place to settle. The less you judge the more likely you can appreciate the individual. It is just a matter of being open minded to other’s feelings and expression.


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